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Planning to Visit Taj Mahal? Here’s How You Can Moderate Your budget

Taj Mahal has been on your bucket list since long? Finally, seeing the plan working out is a great joy in itself. Whether you are a domestic traveler or a foreign tourist, nothing alienates the charm of this great monument from the joy you derive from visiting it. Agra, however, may not be a very pleasant city to see, so this post will help you enhance your Taj experience despite the abhorrent crowded city it is situated in. visiting Taj can cost heavily on your pocket if you travel unplanned so read on to know where to skimp and where to be generous in order to ensure you take back home only and only pleasant memories.

Reaching Agra

If you are a foreign tourist, you are most likely travelling to Agra from New Delhi, which is the nearest international airport. If you are not flying domestic to Agra, travelling by Volvo is a suitable option. Both flight and cab can be little expensive in case you are on a budget, while Volvo bus is not only affordable but also comfortable for your 4 hours journey from New Delhi to Agra. Volvo remains the best option for Indian tourists as well, unless you are ready to pay for New Delhi-Agra domestic flight fare.

Trotting around

Auto Rickshaw or Tuk Tuk is by far the most suitable local transportation option in Agra. Whether you are commuting from railway station/ airport to Taj Mahal or your hotel to local market, Tuk Tuk ride is safe, convenient, fast and affordable (certainly not as affordable as Tuk Tuk in general are pan India though).

Lodging and Relaxing

If you are visiting Agra, be it for Taj Mahal or a business meeting, it is important you do not skimp on your hotel budget. From a swarm of bees to an interrupted power supply, spending a night in a stinky, humid room to local hotels charging unreasonably exorbitantly- there are countless reasons why you must book a renowned hotel only in Agra. Ramada is the best luxury business hotel in Agra and if you’re here for business, you can book Ramada or any other luxury hotel with meeting rooms in Agra.

Visiting Taj Mahal

Coming to the big part of it, the best time to visit Taj Mahal is early morning. So you do need to set your alarm early and head to the monument and queue up before 6AM; that’s when the ticket counter opens. Carry literally nothing except the necessary cash and camera, or something you would really need during your Taj visit. You will get a water bottle there are will not be allowed to carry even a mouth freshener or a camera tripod inside the monument.

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